HBCU Community Development Action Coalition

Connects Businesses and Candidates to Cutting-Edge Recruiting Technology

Connects Businesses and Candidates to Cutting-Edge Recruiting Technology

HBCU CDAC Launches New Ground-Breaking Talent System that Connects Businesses and Candidates to Cutting-Edge Recruiting Technology

HBCU CDAC has partnered with WorkFountain to implement the U.S. Talent Exchange, a cutting-edge matching technology that has transformed the recruitment process and streamlines how employers and candidates connect with each other during the job/internship search process.

Talent attraction is a key challenge facing the business community and the HBCU CDAD is pleased to offer this state of the art technology platform to our members and stakeholders. The U.S. Talent Exchange uses sophisticated matching algorithms to connect employers to candidates based on skills, interests and requirements. Using correlated question-sets directed to both employers and candidates, the platform systematically aligns talent with opportunity.

Connecting quality talent with open positions is a significant challenge for our members. HBCU CDAC is excited to provide you with cutting-edge technology to streamline the recruitment process.

The U.S. Talent Exchange is focused on the small to mid-sized businesses employer community because they are precisely the companies that are hiring. Just over half of the private sector jobs and nearly two-thirds of nation’s net new jobs over the past decade and a half, have been created by small to mid-sized business. While these companies create the majority of new jobs, they often lack significant human resource departments and relationships with emerging talent pools required to source the talent that they need to grow.

“Locating and hiring quality talent is a significant issue for any growing community. We are pleased to provide a resource to our members that makes this process more efficient and provides a better outcome,” said Ron Butler, HBCU CDAC Executive Director.

The U.S. Talent Exchange ensures that employers are connected to the most qualified applicants while candidates get matched to opportunities that best fit their unique profiles. Because the system provides unbiased, correlated matches, the playing field is leveled and candidates and employers are exposed to each other in ways that they historically would not have been. Consequently, the WorkFountain platform maximizes employers’ ability to reach a large and diverse candidate pool while ensuring equal access to opportunities for all candidates. The system expertly collects and reports on powerful data analytics regarding employer needs and candidates career interests and how they align with real-time market needs and trends.


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