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The Year 2017 will be remembered as one of the most violent seasons to hit the Caribbean. In the month of September the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean were hit by two Category 5 hurricanes in 10 days. After Irma tore through the Territory leaving over 70% of the infrastructure demolished, hurricane Maria hit the islands with sustained winds of 155 miles per hour and terrestrial rains reversing any recovery efforts from Irma and causing further devastation; power lines down, roofs off and mud slides resulted leaving thousands homeless.

The University of the Virgin Islands (UVI), an HBCU and the only institution of higher education in the territory sustained significant damages to many buildings. The new dormitory that housed a significant number of students was forced to close, the Marine Science Center was flattened, the Business Education Building was ravaged and the Reichhold Center for the Arts was completely demolished.

The HBCU Coalition, NAFEO, and Black Wealth 2020 have partnered to help UVI Rise Again. The Power of 1 Capital Campaign, the first in our efforts to assist, will launch on the day of giving focus on rebuilding the Reichhold Center for the Arts.

Please join our efforts and donate.

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Our Story…

The Home of Arts & Culture in the US Virgin Islands
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To support programs that preserve and enhance the artistic heritage and cultural foundations of the Virgin Islands, the wider Caribbean and the Americas, and to enrich the cultural and social life of the University of the Virgin Islands and its community…” These words have been at the foundation of Reichhold’s 39 years history; a mission that truly encapsulates the vision of Mr. Henry Reichhold, the philanthropist who dreamt of a venue that would host world-class music & arts for the people of the US Virgin Islands. The Center has become the epicenter for outreach and education for the youth of the territory, giving them a space in which they can explore and experience unique performances and creative programs. The only center of it’s kind in the Virgin Islands, it serves the community, students and is a source of revenue for the University.

Hurricane Irma & Maria…

Historical Devastation

On Wednesday, September 6th our lives changed forever as the US Virgin Islands experienced its first Category 5 Storm, Hurricane Irma. 15 hours of terror, with 185 mph sustained winds and 225 mph wind gusts, Irma left our islands and our homes destroyed. Our hope was that our beacon of inspiration, of stone, steel and concrete would make it through the storm. Unfortunately, this was not the case. With the loss of the Center’s roof, specifically the roofing that covers the stage, the rigging, performance equipment, and sprung floor, we lost everything due to the winds and torrential rains that are generated with these massive storms. As if our plight wasn’t already severe, on Tuesday, September 19th a second Category 5 Hurricane, Maria battered what was already a broken and flooded facility with 20 more hours of winds and water.

To rebuild the compound facilities the cost is estimated to be $15 million. Its internal systems and equipment replacement (rigging, sound, lighting, drapery, projection, tools, musical instruments and equipment, etc.) is estimated at an additional $5 million.

To assist in the restoration of this iconic facility, the Historically Colleges and University, Community Development Action Coalition in collaboration with NAFEO are launching the Power of 1 Campaign to assist in the restoration of the Reichhold Center.