HBCU Community Development Action Coalition

Dear HBCU Students, Faculty, and Staff

Dear HBCU Students, Faculty, and Staff

CDAC Ambassadors Conference Invitation Letter to HBCU Students and Faculty

Dear HBCU Students, Faculty, and Staff:
The board of directors, members, funding partners, and sponsors of the HBCU Community
Development Action Coalition (HBCU-CDAC) graciously extend to you a special invitation to
attend our annual conference to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana March 30 – April 1, 2016.
The conference theme this year is ” Opportunities in the Innovation Economy”. The
conference will feature prominent speakers in the fields of technology and innovation, STEM
and STEAM, entrepreneurship and community development. These areas of focus have been
specifically chosen to expose the HBCU community to national trends in tech-based
entrepreneurship and place-based community economic development opportunities and


This year we are aggressively marketing our conference to HBCU member schools and
expanding our outreach efforts to attract and engage HBCU students, faculty and staff. From
both an engagement as well as a pipeline development process, CDAC and its partners value
the contributions HBCU students, faculty, and staff offer in addressing various aspects of
community economic development. As such, we moving forward with an engagement strategy
that identifies and then engages students, faculty and staff not only via participation in this
conference but in community development initiatives at the local, regionally, and nationally
level through CDAC members and partner organizations.

Individuals who accept this special invitation will attend this conference under our CDAC
Ambassador rate of $50.00. This special rate which has been discounted from the $150.00
assessed to other conference attendants gives CDAC Ambassadors access to all content,
workshops, tours, and labs offered during the conference. CDAC Ambassadors, however, will
be responsible for their own travel to and from the conference as well as their own hotel
accommodations should you travel to the conference from out of town or state.

Additionally, individuals attending the conference under the CDAC Ambassador rate may be
asked to provide minimal volunteer services during and after the conference. Volunteer
activities may include working conference registrations, developing, administering, and
compiling surveys, developing and electronically distributing marketing materials on the
conference, blogging on CDAC’s social media sites during the conference as well as
documenting the summit in pictures. It should be noted that choosing not to volunteer during
the conference does not disqualify you in any way from attending the conference under the
CDAC Ambassador rate.

To take advantage of this special rate, we are asking you to register for the conference by close
of business on Tuesday, February 9. This will allow us to have an accurate count of all
attendees going into the final weeks before the conference. After we receive your conference
registration, we will be following up with you directly to get additional information pertaining
to your volunteer role in the conference.

To register for the conference and get more information, please visit our website at
www.hbcucoalition.org and click on the “Opportunities in the Innovation Economy Conference”
banner at the top of the page. You may also call 305 322 7555 or contact us via email at

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