Policy & Leadership

The Coalition will provide collaboration opportunities, value-added services, and group benefits responsive to the interests and needs of our broad membership by establishing professional standards and core competencies; improving the skills and prominence of CED practitioners; and recruiting and retaining talented individuals in the industry.

Policy & Leadership

Leadership starts with building the community.

- Ron Butler

We will explore, shape, and advance policy positions that impact the industry, and support community development, and improve the memberships capacity to do the same.  We will also maintain and expand the pool of financial and partnership resources available to support the operations of community-based development organizations and undertake community economic development initiatives.

HBCU CDAC Leadership


  • Larry Sally | Chairman
  • Henry Golatt | Vice Chairman
  • Ilene Garner | Treasurer
  • Morris Autry | Secretary

Board Directors

  • Darrin Dixon | Director
  • Cynthia Beaulieu | Director
  • Murphy Cheatham | Director
  • Barry Gregory | Director
  • K. Lavon Burbank | Director
  • Sharon Kent | Director
  • Contente Terry | Director


  • Ron Butler | Executive Director
  • Natasha Campbell | Chief Strategist
  • Ray Parris | Social Media Manager
  • Courtney Moore | Intern