A Call to Action

A Call to Action In 2010

Like last year, the 2011 proposed budget for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends the consolidation of four (4) separate university and community assistance programs including the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Program. The proposed new line item, the University Community Fund, will be open to all institutions of higher education and funded at the same amount as last year- $25 million. With increased competition from larger schools with greater resources, it is likely that the number of HBCUs receiving community development funding from HUD will dramatically decrease. For example, member institutions of the Urban Serving Universities lobby have not reached out to neighbor HBCUs to partner on community development initiatives. Instead they are seeking access to our funding. These Research I institutions have access to other discretionary dollars, like indirect costs from research grants that may be designated to support community development. The amount of indirect costs received by these institutions exceeds by more than ten times the amount received at most HBCUs and therefore are a viable source of funds for their community development initiatives.

To that end, we are asking HBCUs, HBCU-affiliated community development corporations, external partners, service providers, and program beneficiaries, to contact their members of Congress and stress the importance of maintaining the current HUD/HBCU program.